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    Residential Systems


    Water is an essential part of a happy and healthy home. But past methods for getting you that water, like bottled water delivery, or out-of-date home water filtration systems, have all come with downsides. Drinking straight from the tap means unhealthy organic and inorganic materials could all be in the water – both from the city’s own pipes as well as your house’s plumbing. This includes things such as rust or lead – which neither you nor your family should be drinking.

    In the past, this issue was fixed with heavy and expensive bottled water services, or home water delivery by truck which hurt our environment. But don’t you wish there was a better way?

    Today, there is. Pure Water Technology of South Louisiana can provide your home with everything they need for a full home water filtration systems solution.

    What are some of the benefits of providing your house with better water?

    • A refreshing start to the morning with tastier coffee, and more delicious water
    • Healthier cooking whenever water is used
    • Peace of mind knowing that your water is always clean to drink

    In addition, some of our solutions include a water softener, which has even more benefits:

    • Spot-free glasses and dishware
    • Brighter and softer laundry
    • Cleaner showers
    • Spot-free car washes
    • Extended life of appliances

    Our patented water purification systems technology will work under even the most severe circumstances, such as hurricanes or or other traumatic events. For instance, during a boil-water advisory, E-coli can become more prevalent, and lead to nausea or sickness. Pure Water Technology’s products filter out these harmful chemicals, producing the freshest drinking water every time. Even when everything else seems to be going wrong, you can rest easy knowing that your water is as fresh and clean as ever.

    If you know an elderly resident who desires clean drinking water, but can’t lift the heavy bottles, then refer them to us. Our one-time installation will save their monthly backaches from trying to raise 30 to 40 pounds of liquid. It’s a bottled-water substitute that everyone can get behind.

    Ready to change your residential drinking water to support a better future for your family? Just fill out the form on the right and you’ll hear from us shortly.