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    Watch video: How Pure Water Technology Works

    Pure Water Technology of South Louisiana is a locally owned and operated business specializing in providing unique water purification and filtration products. Our systems reduce the use of plastic water bottles, the energy consumed in the delivery and production of them and their negative repercussions to consumers and the environment. All of Pure Water Technology’s systems are BPA-free and meet the highest North American and European drinking water standards. We are a certified Green Business through LifeCity and help you drink as locally as possible - from the Mississippi River itself (after purification, of course)!

    We are located in the historic Bayou St. John neighborhood of New Orleans in a repurposed ice factory, The Icehouse, at the corner of Saint Philip and North White streets.

    We have been proudly providing pure water to clients since January 2011 and have become seasoned professionals at satisfying our diverse clients’ needs. We have residential and commercial solutions and products specifically engineered to meet your exact needs.  Our expert staff includes a Louisiana Master Plumber and more than 55 years’ experience in residential and commercial plumbing applications.

    Our commitment is to always deliver superior customer service and the latest green technology to ensure optimum results. This commitment keeps us on the cutting edge as our state-of-the-art technology evolves, constantly becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a restaurant looking for large quantities of pure water, we have a solution for you. We give free estimates that include a water quality test of your current drinking water.

    Healthier water, healthier environment, healthier you! We call it: Technology for a Healthier Planet™. Let us prove our passion for pure water to you with a free trial period so you can see for yourself!

    FINALLY: A green alternative to bottled water coolers that really works,

    AND saves money!

    INTRODUCING: Pure Water Technology’s water purification system, the 3i.

    The 3i Systems streamline the delivery of clean, fresh water, uses existing resources, and does not demand regular attention. By switching out the jug in your office, you can save thousands of dollars a year while making sure your water is clean and ready to use.

    3i Systems reduce energy consumption as well as minimize CO2 output, and each unit can prevent thousands of plastic bottles from entering the environment every year as litter or in landfills. Contact us today and we'll get you started with a water quality test of your existing system and a free trial – we call it Technology for a Healthy Planet!™