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    Commercial Systems

    You want to deliver to your employees, clients, and guests the healthiest and freshest water available with an office water cooler. Whether you’re a restaurant who needs several hundred guest’s glasses filled at a moment’s notice, or a high-powered law firm whose clients demand the highest attention to detail – our perfectly chilled oxygen infused water will meet and exceed your needs.

    We can provide your place of work with a custom-tailored solution to meet your needs. Think about how much you spend on bottled water, or other, more expensive water-filtration systems? Now think about how much time you’ve spent on installations, faulty plumbing, and other issues. Consider how much damage to the environment a traditional bottled water dispenser costs. Imagine if there was a more affordable, more effective way to deal with your water troubles.

    Pure Water Technology of South Louisiana provides that office water service solution. Our filtration products are easily installed, and get rid of the heavy, and space-wasting bottled water tanks of the past. With two temperatures, which can be custom adjusted to near-freezing and near-boiling (or anywhere in-between,) you can always be sure you’ll have water that meets your needs.

    With this technology, you can save money and reduce your reliance on plastic today. Some of our solutions can also provide a direct feed for coffee brewers and ice machines, further purifying everyone’s experience at your office / restaurant.

    Need another reason to get our system as a replacement for your current bottle water delivery services? The patented 3i system can withstand the most severe water conditions, such as boil-water advisories, lengthy storms, and hurricanes. Even during the worst disaster, you can have peace of mind knowing that your office’s drinking water will always be fresh and ready to serve when you return. 

    Many New Orleans, Houma, and other Southern Louisiana businesses have already made the change to a Pure Water Technology system for their office water cooler and they couldn’t imagine switching back. Aren’t you ready to do the same? Fill out the form on the right and we'll be in touch shortly.