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    Watch video: How Pure Water Technology Works

    PHSI's patented 3i System works to deliver the freshest possible drinking water. How do we do it? While the technology in play is quite advanced, it can be simplified to the following five-step process.

    1. Sediment Filter: Eliminates larger particles, such as dust, rust and silt. This initial first step is absolutely essential in taking out the elements that the original filtering should have removed, but didn’t.
    2. Carbon Block Filter: Filters out organic materials, such as chemicals, solvents and chlorine. This step helps put water back to how it’s found in nature – free of everything that the city’s own water filters, or rusty pipes, or faulty plumbing could add to your water.
    3. 80 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane: Removes inorganic materials regularly seen in drinking water, such as lead, mercury and arsenic – items that no one wants to ingest.
    4. Granular Activated Carbon Filter: Puts the final polish on your water, creating a clean, refreshing taste that’ll be the freshest water you’ve ever drank.
    5. Activated Oxygen Injection: As the final step in the process, our activated oxygen injection is the last stop in the road for any remaining bacteria, viruses or parasites, guaranteeing clean, healthy, and perfect water for you to drink.

    This combination of filtration techniques is what makes the patented 3i System so unique. With these five steps (including our exclusive Activated Oxygen Injection process,) the 3i System eliminates sediment, organic and inorganic matter, and microbiological contaminants from your drinking water.

    The 3i System utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide healthier water more inexpensively than bottled water or our other filter cooler competitors. With the patented 3i system, you will live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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